Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process you use to develop the lessons?
    Grandpa Mike has full range to pick the topic of each lesson. The lessons will roughly go in chronological order, but we have no master plan at this point and we may take some detours as we go along to explore a subject in more detail. The goal is to have 10 songs for each lesson, but as you can see with the first lesson, we’ll go over that number if the topic requires.

  2. How often can we expect new lessons?
    Right now the plan is do one lesson a month.

  3. Why are there ads on the site? And why are there affiliate codes on the iTunes links?
    In addition to educating Maile Girl, I thought this would be interesting content to share more broadly. Any proceeds from the ads or the iTunes links will go towards Maile’s college fund. So if you like the music buy it by clicking through the links on the site!

  4. You missed _________ in the lesson – how could you!?
    Our goal is to provide an “education in the music that mattered most … to us” – we’re not going to cover everyone that ever rocked. With that said, we’d love to hear your thoughts – every lesson has a comment area, please add in anyone you think we missed. The more contributions the merrier!